Pro Equip Inc. - Unsurpassed Experience in Plate Heat Exchanger Service


We will rebuild and refurbish all types of Heat Exchangers. This is more economical than purchasing a completely new heat exchanger.


We can regasket plates in your existing heat exchangers, many times your gaskets can degrade prior to any other component of your Plate Heat Exchanger. When this occurs, Pro Equip has the gaskets in stock and can turn around your heat exchanger quickly.


Pro Equip will completely rebuild your heat exchanger, only replacing the parts that truly need it. Pro Equip has most parts in stock to be able to rebuild your heat exchanger quickly and properly so your process is not down very long.


Pro Equip Inc. is there when I need them. I have had outages that happened at odd hours and they always are very responsive and help me get my systems back online quickly. -John Smith - ACME Systems Corp.